Richard MacDonald "Romeo and Juliet, Third Life"
Quarter Life Bronze Statue

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Let this elegant bronze sculpture say "I Love You" to a loved one or spouse as a creative romantic gift for a wedding anniversary, valentines day, birthday, or other special occasion.

Rules of Three

1. One of the most romantic and enduring themes in theater. It has become a metaphor for undying eternal love. The inspiration for this piece was Romeo and Juliet being performed by Nureyev and Fontaine. The scene is the second balcony, the last parting scene of the play. "Parting is such sweet sorrow."

2. This is a highly emotive and interactive piece. The facial and body expressions are some of the strongest that MacDonald has portrayed to this point. We see the anguish and love in the faces, the longing in the fingers barely touching, the tender pulling of the skirt.

3. This piece possesses a high degree of story telling and interaction on the part of the viewer.

About the Artist

Richard MacDonald is a native Californian and among the most collected living sculptors in the United States. His bronze sculptures bring to mind craftsmanship of times past. His works are found in museums and galleries around the world, with galleries in Laguna Beach, Monterey and San Francisco.

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Limited Edition: 150/175

Size: h:14 x w:16 x d:11 in

Quarter Life Size

Hand Signed

Excellent Condition

Location: San Francisco

Retail Price: $20,000

Sale Price: $10,000


Item located in California